How to Get Rid of Ants with Ant Repellents

Published: 28th August 2009
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Simple Ant Repellents

It is not essential to make use of strong chemicals or similar ant repellents to get rid of ants in your house. Simple remedies work wonders. These include:

A very effective ant repellent is home remedy of citrus and water. Vinegar is also very effective. The odor of vinegar repels ants and they never come again to such places. Sprinkle vinegar or citrus solution around places where you locate ants to get rid of ants.

Insecticides like boric acid and borax are effective ant repellents. These are harmless to humans. Sprinkle little of any of these on food that attract ants. Allow ants to carry such food back to their colony. Soon, you would be able to get rid of ants.

If you locate ants coming through fissures or cracks, pour liberal amounts of boiling hot water at such places. Ants would soon die. Be sure to pour boiling water as ants can live under water and pouring plain water cannot be an effective ant repellent.

Red ants prove very irritating. If you want to get rid of red ants, spray chemicals across the area of ant population like lawns. This acts as a very effective ant repellent.

Vaseline and other sticky substances are effective ant repellents. Apply Vaseline around bowls or across areas, you want to keep away from ants.

A permanent way of getting rid of ants is to block fissures, seal holes, gaps, and cracks with flexible calk.

Black pepper and Cayenne pepper are natural ant repellents as their strong smell provides an easy solution to get rid of ants. Sprinkling few pepper grains around your house or across ant nests can help you get rid of ants.

Cream of Wheat is natural ant bait. Allow ants to take back the cereal to their colony. All ants would feed on such cereal. When Cream of Wheat is exposed to internal fluids of ant, it explodes. This helps you get rid of ants altogether.

Cinnamon proves to be similar ants repellent like pepper. This is a very effective ant repellent. Although cinnamon does not kill ants, it does help you get rid of ants as ants find the strong smell of cinnamon too repulsive and never come again.

Baby powder is another simple and effective ant repellent. Sprinkle baby powder across windowsills, corners of rooms, cracks, doors, fissures, and practically anywhere you locate ants. Baby powder is actually Diatomaceous earth. This is a safe and natural substance and does not affect children or pets. This is an easy way to get rid of ants.

Electronic ant repellent is another effective way to get rid of ants. This repellent does not use chemicals. It only cuts off communication signals between any sweet smelling food and ants. This is an environmental-friendly ant repellent.

Coffee powder is another effective ant repellent. Sprinkle or make a line with coffee powder and ants would not cross it. You can get rid of ants without killing them.

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